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Alston Road Traffic Calming

     Report from the EHIA Traffic Committee


“Over the past two years, the EHIA Traffic Committee (Kathy Marvin, Terry Tyler) have been working closely with the City of Santa Barbara’s Supervising Traffic Engineer, Derrick Bailey, to ensure that the recently completed slurry seal overlay of Eucalyptus Hill and Alston Roads optimized pedestrian safety and reduced vehicular speed.


There were two specific areas and objectives that were focused: 1) reducing speed on Alston Rd and providing increased pedestrian space, and 2) improving the Barker Pass Rd. intersection with Eucalyptus Hill Rd. to achieve a more forcible means to stop cars and prevent “cruising” the stop sign.


To achieve the Alston pedestrian safety, the EHIA Traffic Committee got City approval several years ago to make shoulder improvements by removing vegetation, adding fill to create a level path, and spreading gravel on top of the path on the ocean side of the road. This now extends to Rametto Rd, and is known as the Alston Trail. Additionally, Mr. Bailey cooperated with the Traffic Committee’s request to place the City’s radar speed indicator unit on Alston, Eucalyptus Hill and Barker Pass Roads for extended periods. This speed feedback to vehicles caused many to slow down. Mr. Bailey also placed several large speed limit signs on Alston to read “35 MPH, Please Respect.” To complete the improvement on Alston, the road striping applied after the slurry seal kept the center line as is, but reduced the lane width from 10 feet to 9 feet. This provides an additional foot of shoulder on both sides of Alston.


The method to achieve a more forcible stop where Barker Pass Rd. ends at Eucalyptus Hill Rd. was achieved by restriping after the slurry seal to “square off” the intersection and achieving a more visible need to stop.


We appreciate working with residents who use these roads for walking, and welcome your feedback and recommendations. Provide feedback to any of the Traffic committee members.”


Kathy Marvin:  kathleenmarvin@cox.net

Terry Tyler:     tjtcpa@garnertyler-cpa.com

Homer Smith:  hohohosmith@cox.net




 Block Captains


We have 42 Block Captains as of November 12, 2013.  24 have wireless radios.  We would like to have more Block Captains.  Some streets have none and some have many homeowners and need more than one.  Check our web site at EHIA Admin at our list of Block Captains by street to see how you are represented. If you would like to participate in our effort to support our neighborhood in an emergency send me an email at frandall3@cox.net or call me at 805-565-9988. 

Frank Randall









Disaster planning and preparation for family, home, and pets is wise and convenient for homeowners in Eucalyptus Hill.  MERRAG offers a series of CERT disaster response training classes in a supportive and non-threatening environment.


Confidence and skills are your most important tools when disaster strikes.


2nd Thursday (each month)

10 a.m - noon

Montecito Fire Station

595 San Ysidro Road



PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG SIGNS – We have new signs available to paid members to post in your neighborhood to remind people that they are responsible to pick up after their dogs when walking them along our streets.


Paid Members get one FREE sign, additional signs are available for $20 each.  Contact Dave Gress or any Board Member for signs.





  Your Membership

Your voluntary $35 annual membership in the Eucalyptus Hill Improvement Association is an investment in your neighborhood. Memberships paid now will apply through April 2015.

Checks should be payable to: Eucalyptus Hill Improvement Association, PO BOX 40182, Santa Barbara Ca. 93140-0182
Please provide us with the following information;
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Comments or suggestions:



Spring 2013 
Alston Traffic Calming
Your Improvement Association is implementing Alston Traffic Calming


The EHIA Board has had ongoing conversation with the City of Santa Barbara Traffic Engineer since October of 2010. It is our intent  to calm the traffic on Alston Road to make it a safer place for pedestrians. 


We have had many meetings with the city. We had targeted Fall of 2012 to implement several changes as Alston Rd was scheduled to be resurfaced then. The resurfacing has been delayed a year. We now look forward to Fall 2013.


Several traffic calming ideas have been presented to us by the City Traffic Engineer, Derrick Bailey. Among them:


1.  Widen the shoulders of the road

2.  Repaint the fog lines to make them more obvious

3.  Modify the striping

4.  Add a pedestrian crosswalk in the straightaway (by Norman Lane)


Other ideas that would be neighborhood-led include:


1.  Place a digital speed monitor along Alston

2.  Landscaping changes

3.  Speed cushions, place two speed cushions along the straightaway  


The latter ideas would require funding by the neighborhood, which would be by donation.    


If this project is of interest to you, please contact Terry, Homer or Kathy. We are not yet in a position to collect donations, but would love to get feedback from residents on the impact of this project and any ideas that you would support. 


Kathy Marvin:  kathleenmarvin@cox.net

Terry Tyler:     tjtcpa@garnertyler-cpa.com

Homer Smith:  hohohosmith@cox.net





 Block Captains

Our Block Captain count stands at thirty seven.  In an emergency they are to take care of themselves first, family second and help neighbors if they are able third.

Twenty four of these Block Captains have radios. We conduct radio checks with these Block Captains once a month, generally at 6 pm on the second Tuesday of the month.

Since our last report we added radios to Block Captains on Overlook, Eucalyptus Hill Circle, Owen Rd. and Cima Linda. For a complete list of Block Captains and Block Captains with radios, check out our website at: eucalyptushillia.com. 

If you want to look into helping your neighbors by becoming a Block Captain please let me know by phone (565-9988) or email: frandall3@cox.net.  

Frank Randall 



 Alston Trail


Goal:  To provide a safe pedestrian path along the south side of Alston Road from Eucalyptus Hill Road to the city line.    


This project began in the fall of 2011 with volunteers clearing brush in the city setback along the Alston Trail.   


The ground was leveled, fill dirt was spread, and gravel laid. The demonstration portion of the Trail (from 612 Alston to Rametto) was completed before year end, and the Trail was continued east as far as Summit Road in early 2012. Our next goal is to take the trail west to Eucalyptus Hill Road.


All work on the trail has been done by neighborhood volunteers, and supported by donations. For the Trail to move west, we will need additional donations.  


The committee that spearheaded the Alston Trail, as well as EHIA Board members are extremely pleased with the improvement the Trail has made for the many pedestrians who travel Alston Road, and feedback from the neighbors has been very positive. We are anxious to continue the work.


Please contact Kathy, Terry or Homer if you can support this project with a donation.  Donations have ranged form $20 to $250.    


Checks should be written to EHIA, flagged for the Alston Trail.


Kathy Marvin:  kathleenmarvin@cox.net

Terry Tyler:     tjtcpa@garnertyler-cpa.com

Homer Smith:  hohosmith@cox.net




  President's Report



All of us who live in the Eucalyptus Hill Improvement Association (EHIA) area can be thankful that there was no wind on November 6th this fall.  


On that day a small fire started near Cold Spring Trail and was contained and extinguished within a matter of several hours. If there had been any wind the outcome could have been very different and would have certainly resulted in a major threat to our neighborhood. 


This was a wake-up call for all of us and a good test of our emergency preparedness systems that your association has been working to establish for the last 6 years. Within minutes of the start of the fire our communications network and phone trees were activated. Newsletter alerts were emailed to everyone on our association list providing the latest status of the fire.  


In the event that power was lost we were prepared to activate our radio network to keep communications open around our neighborhood.  


By putting the resources that we have obtained through your dues and donations to work on emergency communications we feel confident that we have made our neighborhood a safer place to live. 


The EHIA Board has been working in many of the following ways to enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood:


  • EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - We continue to improve our emergency preparedness which benefits everyone in our neighborhood area. Our emergency radio network that will be active in the event of a power failure in a major emergency now has over 25 handheld emergency radios distributed strategically throughout our neighborhood with volunteers who will be able to communicate with each other and with emergency services in the City and County. We have established a close working relationship with City and County Fire Departments and Montecito Emergency Response (MERRAG). We owe a great deal of thanks to board member Michael Ditmore for setting up the radio network and for hosting our training and monthly checks of the system to ensure its availability in an emergency.

·        ANNUAL MEETING - This year over 100 of our residents attended our annual meeting. It provided everyone with an opportunity to meet people in the neighborhood and to learn from our speakers from City police and fire departments, emergency medical personnel, and Erin Graffy who spoke on the history of our area.

·        RED FLAG ALERT SIGNS - Red Flag Alert Signs purchased by EHIA were posted on major streets to warn residents when the SB Fire Department issued a red flag alert regarding condition for high fire danger in our neighborhood.

·        ALSTON ROAD SPEED CONTROL - We continued working with the City Traffic Engineer to devise ways of slowing speeding on Alston Road through techniques that will not hinder normal driving traffic flow.

·        ALSTON ROAD WALKING TRAIL - Board members Terry Tyler, Kathy Marvin, and volunteers have completed a walking trail along the south side of the road from Augusta Lane to Summit Road for the safety of our neighborhood walkers.

·        NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH - With the increase in auto burglaries and vandalism, we have contacted the Police Department for Neighborhood Watch signs and organized watch groups on participating streets.

·        WEB SITE ADDRESS ALERT!- EHIA has a new web site address: www.eucalyptushillia.com. Check it out for more EHIA information and announcements.

·        DOG CLEANUP SIGNS - EHIA will have new signs available to post in our neighborhood to remind people that they are responsible to pick up after their dogs when walking them along our streets.

·        "NEXTDOOR" - The City is participating in a web-based network that will have restricted access to neighborhood residents only. It provides up-to-date announcements from City Departments regarding projects that will affect our neighborhood. You can sign up on the City of Santa Barbara web site.


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood. To accomplish this we rely on the participation and input from the residents in our area. If you have a neighborhood concern or want to participate in our activities, please contact me or one of the board members. You are welcome to come to our monthly board meetings which are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month at a Board member's home. 


Thanks to all of our dues-paying members who help make all of our work possible.  






David Gress, President